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About the project

ChickensFarm - This is not just a game, it is an exciting game with the withdrawal of real money! Withdrawal of funds is available without investment and to various payment systems.

Buy chickens and sell products in the market.
A choice of 5 chickens of different levels, your chickens will lay eggs that need to be collected in the warehouse. The eggs then need to be sold in the market and get in-game coins.

Buy birds - here you can have chickens of different price categories, they will carry you eggs that you need to sell on the market.

Egg storage - you store eggs in your warehouse, which must be collected and sold on the market.

Market - on the market, you sell all collected products from the warehouse and get game coins that can then be withdrawn or exchanged.

Exchanger - in the exchanger you can exchange your game coins from balance "for withdrawal" to the balance "for buyings".

Replenish account - here is the procedure for replenishing the game account "balance for purchases". Replenishment and accrual of funds occurs automatically.

Order payoff - in this section there is a process of withdrawing funds from the "balance for withdrawal". Payouts work automatically 24 hours a day.

Your referrals - in the section you have a unique referral link with your account ID
The more active referrals you have, the higher your income
Participate in the promotion of the project - this is your additional source of money.

My account - all the information you are interested in on your account.

The game ChickensFarm, created and developed by us, is our favorite pastime. We really want everyone to be able to achieve success in life, find friends and like-minded people, begin to better understand how to manage their own business, and properly allocate their time.

Send all questions and suggestions to the mail [email protected]